Triumph Material Testing is seeking part time employees who have any of the following qualifications.

Certifications as:

• Concrete Field Testing Technicians, Grade I or II by the American Concrete Institute (ACI)
• Aggregate Technician, Level I or II by the Ohio Aggregate Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA)

Experience with performing:

• Atterberg limits
• Proctor tests (standard and modified)
• Grain size distribution
• Moisture/density testing using either nuclear or non-nuclear gauges

Go here for further information on the ACI and OAIMA certification programs:

This work is seasonal, generally from April through October, and we cannot guarantee prospective employees a minimum number of hours or that the employee will work at all in any given week. This is not a job for someone that needs stable and consistent income. This is an ideal job for someone who is retired, self- employed, or simply only wanting part-time work. Prospective employees must have a valid driver’s license, be able to lift 50 pounds, and be subject to a pre-employment and random drug screening program. The starting pay rate for ACI or OAIMA certified technicians is $14.00/hour.

If you are not currently certified by ACI or OAIMA, we may assist you in gaining your certification.

If you are interested in this job offer, please let us know by either using the "Contact Us" link on our home page,
or by calling us at 740-297-4474.


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